Been fiddling around with the site a bit. Biggest improvement is around the stream preview on the homepage, the loading state is a little less janky when the images pop in. I’ve also put in an empty state for when there’s no photos, better than it just disappearing.

I’ve updated the photo of me at the bottom, I’d had the same one for a long time (thanks Tom). I was just messing around the other day and was surprised with how nice the photo came out, it’s mainly the light that makes it good. It’s actually out of focus, taking a photo of yourself with a manual lens when you can’t be in shot to focus was hard. But it’s fine when it’s shrunk down to profile photo size.

We’re planning on doing our loft so we’re doing a little bit of reseaech about all of that, getting quotes from builders and stuff. It’s exciting but also insane how much prices have risen in the last four years.

I sold my Brother Kepler this week on LFGSS, since I got the Omnium I didn’t really need it as well and we don’t have the room. It’s still a pretty lovely bike, especially with the dynamo lights which have on the cargo and my Breadwinner, it’s just so convenient and they’re so bright. I was sad to see it go, we had a lotta good times razzing around town together.

We watched Portrait of a Lady on Fire, it had been on my watch list for a long time, I really enjoyed it, even if it is heart-breaking. Afterwards I looked it up and it was filmed in Quiberon, which is where I went on camping holidays with my family during my teenage years. Would be fun to go back one day.

I’ve been having a go at learning Colemak, it really is very silky smooth even though I am still very slow. I’ve using Colemak Club and Keyzen for practice. I haven’t made the switch full time, I’m spending 10-20mins most days training. You can really feel your brain whirring with the effort of unlearning QUERTY.

I’m annoyed about the silly new overground names, it makes total sense to split the lines up as it was confusing. The names though, properly cringe. Forget the war on woke (cos it’s nonsense and good actually), I’m starting a war on cringe.

Last up I really wanted Man City to lose Chelsea, they drew which isn’t bad. Would be so great if Liverpool could win the league.