Dropped the ball last two weeks so these notes are well late.

We went to Amsterdam to see friends who moved out there recently, had a good time bobbing about the city. The weather was pretty terrible but it didn’t matter.

I also managed to get lunch with Toby at the booking.com head office which were very impressive. Thanks Toby!

The little beer glasses they do in Europe really are much better. It’s nice and we should ditch pints. I suppose I could just drink at The French House more often.

Our flight to London City got delayed, then cancelled and we had to fly to Heathrow getting back 6 hours later, serves us right for not getting the Eurostar.

Maude got stripped and she looks so different, I think she hated it. But she’s a lot slicker looking now.

I watched this doc, Ukraine: Enemy in the Woods which was wild, quite harrowing and very bleak.

This New Yorker article about how awful the Tories have been was good/depressing, it’s good the end is in sight, but finding it very hard to be optimistic that Starmer is actually going to do anything any good. Really feeling that Capitalist Realism dread ATM.

We’re getting our loft converted and the scaffold just went up which is exciting, next up, our ceilings come down upstairs, then the roof is coming off. So we’ll be moving out for a while.

We spent a couple of days getting the allotment ready for the spring during the easter long weekend. Was nice and sunny felt great to be back outside.

Wouldn’t it be good if all work weeks were 4 days.