Spring really feels like it’s on the way now. Saturday morning was glorious. I went to bed at 4am Saturday morning but still didn’t regret being up and out walking Maude at 9am.

Why was I up until four? We had some friends over on Friday night to celebrate Bec’s birthday and we ended up pushing the table back against the wall and a going nuts for a few hours singing and dancing to a load of bangers. Over indexing on Phoebe Bridgers and boygenius.

On Thursday evening Bec and I went to Mountain which was, unsurprisingly, incredible. We were on a table right next to the kitchen and could watch the team working away. I love a restaurant where you can see everything happening. They all looked so calm which must hard seeing it’s probably mega stressful.

On Sunday we went up to Swindon for another exhausting day of hedge/tree pruning/felling. Hard work but satisfying.

Seen a lot of good things online this week so here’s a list

  • XOXO is back and their landing page is amazing. Hammer that toggle!
  • Robin is onto something here. Simple, “hackable”, low barrier to entry code websites/frameworks are disappearing. Is it because companies are full of smart people trying to prove how clever they are and always wanting to build something new and shiny? I’m definitely guilty of that.
  • Seeing as I mentioned Threads, I deleted the app from my phone a couple of weeks ago for basically the reason Jay articulates here but the web experience feels a lot less addictive/doom scroll inducing, PLUS I can jump directly to the following tab by going to threads.net/following. I don’t think I’m checking it more than a couple times a week but there’s a few people posting interesting things.
  • I’m still loving all of Noah Kalina’s YouTube vids, the scenery, the birds, the silly chat, future Noah giving present Noah a hard time. It’s all just so good.
  • This colour match game is super fun. My best score was 96.90 in 4.42 seconds with an accuracy 98.2213%. The colour was a lime green.
  • The New York Times’s new game, Strands is good. I’m still regulary Wordling too, as of today I’ve played 616 times.
  • Big game week here, I also discovered puzzmo.com which is good idea, nicely executed.