• On Tuesday SBC called to say my new cargo bike was ready to be picked up. It’s an Omnium Cargo Mini-Max, it’s really fun to ride, I’ve already carried quite a lot on it already and it’s very satisfying.

The Omnium Mini-Max on a Frosty morning at Tottenham Marshes with Maude in the front

  • On Thursday Maude and I rode 40km around town on it. We went over to Archway and dropped into Rapha said hello to a bunch of old friends and picked up some stuff in the sample sale.
  • Then we rode down to the Monzo office to rendezvous with Jim before rolling down to Deptford for the Albion Christmas party
  • One thing you do notice, being a much heavier bike is that any change in gradient is amplified.
  • After the party we rode home via the Greenwich foot tunnel. It was a wet evening and the Canary Wharf towers looked great very atmospheric in the gloom.

The Omnium and Maude in Greenwich looking north toward Canary Wharf

  • Went for drinks at two of our neighbours houses this week which was nice, it funny seeing people all the time and just nodding nice to actually learn their names and have a chat.
  • We went down the Chiswick for Bec’s Brother’s partner’s Birthday Saturday night was fun. But didn’t get home until 4:30. Sunday was a write off
  • Maude slept over with Colin and Emma and their dog Morris. They had a good time and we felt very lucky.

Morris and Maude