• Double notes this week, we were away last Sunday at Fforest and then came home Monday and were struck down with a nasty bug
  • We had a brilliant time though, we were there Friday to Monday staying in a Hill Shac with Jess, Jim, Graeme, Colin and Emma. It was the Fforest Winter feast on the Saturday night, really great food and loads of tasty natural wines!

A close up of some oysters at the Fforest feast

  • Maude had the best time running around free for the weekend, was made even better with the addition of Morris, Colin and Emma’s dog.
  • Frosty weather this week is quite novel on the morning walks.
  • Maude’s some how sliced her paw and now has to wear a silly little boot which she hates.
  • December’s gonna get busy so had a very slow weekend taking it easy. Ended up watching a lot of the UK Championship (snooker) which then led to us watching a documentary film about Ronnie O’Sullivan, I thought it might be more mad based off his wikipedia page but it was still good.
  • Put the final touches on the bike box too, put a nice latch on the people gate and our house number on the front of the box. There wasn’t a lot of good (typographically speaking choices) but we found someone doing metal numbers in Neutraface on Etsy. Looks tidy.

The new numbers on the box

  • Spotify Wrapped this week, The National were my number one again 🙈, it does annoy me they bring it out a whole month before the year is up!? Do they count last years December, or is it 11 months worth of stats. Totally opaque... This is why last.fm is better.