• Site can now handle routes like /2023/43-week-notes was actually a really small change. So great how simple Next.js makes things like this.
  • Went to the Evian Christ album launch on Thursday with Rory, was properly good, really enjoyed it. The stage had a strip of lenses, with fancy lights behind them and so the light was sort of separated like a prism and it looked sick.

  • On Saturday night we finally got down to Homies on Donkeys, hadn’t been since it moved to Leyton, properly good tacos.
  • Also this weekend we made a lot of progress with the bike box, Bec spent both days burning the battens, she’s done all 300m now. - I managed to finish cladding the boxes. Had to hand the doors which was tricky, so many planes/angles to get it right, to get a nice swing.
  • Not looking forward to putting the locks in.

Progress on the box