• Second week back at it and already a day late.
  • My excuse is I spent a lot of time this weekend rebuilding this whole site which detracted from writing the notes
  • The site runs on Next.js v12, the current version, v13, is quite a big change and it wasn’t a simple upgrade, it’s now working locally but something about ContentLayer, webpack and Next.js aren’t playing ball when running the build on Vercel.
  • Our allotment continues to pay dividends (mostly thanks to Bec being good at thinking ahead) but we still have so many tomatoes, raspberries carrots and potatoes.
  • We pulled up some potatoes on Saturday and was a real bumper crop, much bigger than the other varieties we’d already pulled. Potatoes are particularly satisfying as it’s all a surprise what’s gonna come.
  • Maude got hand stripped on Monday (for the first time), which means she had a hair cut, but they do it different for border terriers, she looks very different (to us), I sorta think she looked better all shaggy but it’s also funny how smooth she feels and lean she looks now. I’m sure it will grow back in no time.
  • We’re going through a growth spurt at work, lots of hiring going on and there’s been some spreading out of responsibilities around the team, which is fun/different/tumultuous. I’ve been running retros, I’m having to learn to not talk through all the silence, and give other time to think/speak.
  • The dev team are all spread out around the UK/IE and some of us haven’t met face-to-face yet, so I’ve volunteered to organise some sort of get together, so we can all talk strategy and stuff for next year.

Maude straight out of the groomers looking smart