The act of writing is helpful and doing it in public even more so. Regular writing, even for an audience of one, makes curiosity a habit, not a personality type. And publishing your weeknotes online holds you accountable. It makes you put that little more into it — and, when you’re flagging, forces you to put something out into the world, just to keep face.

A few times a year I still typeset the eBooks for The Do Book Co. So I get to (semi) read them as I put it altogether. It’s was a really fun one to do I loved the flow of it all, plus it was fun how he got lots of other people involved too.

  • Last Sunday we were walking her in the park and I heard a noise in a tree and instinctively looked up and as soon as I did, a conker smashed into my eye socket. I was very shocked and obviously it hurt. I laughed it off but then ended up in A&E (after calling 101 and doing a video call with a doctor). I thought I’d be in there for hours but they were very efficient. I had a corneal abrasion, which is why it hurt and they sent me home with some eye drops. Three days later I’ve recovered but I’ve got a little black eye and a good story.
  • Last week Bun hit v1, it’s mad how fast it is, I’d be following the lead developer/founder for a while, since Rory put me onto him. I’ve moved this site so that it builds using it (instead of npm) and it is pretty snappy!
  • Maude’s ten months old now, but we still can’t leave her alone for longer than ten minutes without her losing her mind, which is on the whole fine, because we work from home all the time but its definitely not sustainable. We’re working hard on increasing the alone time incrementally, it’s slow progress but we’ll get there.
  • Yesterday I went and helped out Graeme do Open House at his place in Dawson’s Heights. I felt I had to as I roped him into it, it was a fun day, it’s such an incredible spot. The views are incredible and the flats are so well laid out/proportioned. Amazing how many people actually turned up, nearly 100 people perhaps.